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                  Jurilovca Public Library "Naum Pocorschi" is on the web thanks to a                   favourable context.
- The necessity to redefine the role of Public Library into community life
- The necessity of preservation and revaluation of local historical and cultural inheritance
- The Contest of Communitary Participation organized by IREX Romania Foundation
Jurilovca Public Library "Naum Pocorschi" won November edition with the project "CLIO-Promotion Center of local culture and traditions"

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The young people from Jurilovca didn't have the chance to know his life and his work. People from Jurilovca, over 40 years old, keep in their memory the man who was Naum Pocorschi - their teacher, their librarian, he who concerned with preservation and promotion of local culture and traditions.

NAUM POCORSCHI (1896-1983) biographical guide:

- born on 1-st of December 1896, in Ukraine, Berezki commune, Oligopol county, in a wealthy peasant family;
- in 1914 he enroles as voluntary in Russian Army and he fights on German front, where will be grave wounded;
- in 1916 he graduates Officer's Military School in Kiev, he is promoted as commissary second lieutenant and, he recives the mission to supplay the military front until 1919, when he is put in reserve. In this time he attends classes of Commercial Academy from Odessa;
- in 1920 he turns back in his native commune;
- in 1921, owing to the presssure of Soviet power, he joins to a Ukrainian nationalistic Unit and to White Russian officers and, he crosses the border clandestinely in Romania;
- between 1921-1923 he is in Russian and Ukrainian emigrants Camp in Oradea - with semi-detention conditions (working right);
- in 1923 he recives Nansen passport, he works in timber factories in Covasna and Harghita counties till 1927;
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- in 1927 he moves to Piatra-Neamt, where he works in a timber factory; here he meets Sofia Gromov, lippovan from Jurilovca, with whom he will marry off; - in 1930 he sets out with his family in Jurilovca;
- between 1930-1940 he is a painter;
- between 1944-1946 he is a school inspector; he attends to organize the schools in Russian and Ukrainian language teaching and he prepares manuals for this schools;
- between 1946-1947 he is a teacher in elenentary school from Slava Rusa, Tulcea County;
- between 1947-1955 he is Maths and Physics teacher at Jurilovca School; he organizes simultaneously the Communal library, as voluntary, and he teaches the local population to read and write;
- in 1955 he pensions off, but he continues his activity in Communal library;
- in 1967 the activity of the library is taken over by the librarian Gheorghita Cutopal; Naum Pocorschi founds, supported by local authorities, but especially from his own means, Ethnographic Museum "Razelm" from Jurilovca, that will be visited by the most of the natives and many tourists; the museum was closed at the same time with the death of the peerless cultivated man Naum Pocorschi in 1983.

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