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Researches in brief
The first mention of ancient settlement from Doloșman Cape is in R. Netzhammer's work, "Auf dem Razelm", Bucharest, 1909, pages 18-19, being resumed by the same author, a decade later, in "Die christlichen Altertümer der Dobrudscha", Bucharest, 1918, page 165.
In ancient munuments catalogue made by P. Polonic at the begining of the 20-th century, refrences of the settlement are accompanied by a first mapping of the citadel. (look fore more)
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                ORGAME / ARGAMUM - is the first urban settlement from Romanian75445
456territory mentioned in an ancient source (Hecataeus of Miletus, mentioned this Milesian colony, Orgame, at the middle of the 7-th century BC; after Dobrudja annexation by Romans, they named it, Argamum). Archaeological research was started by Paul Nicorescu (1926-1932), and resumed by Maria Coja in 1965; in forty years of archaeological 32researches, "generations of archaeologist and generations of natives", Dr. Topoleanu Florin - manager Institutul de Cercetari Eco-Muzeale Tulcea, discovered interesting archaeological states: 4 Christian basilica, the oldest Greek tomb (middle of VII-th century BC) from the Black Sea area.




     DOLOSMAN CAPE - a rocky promontory, between Razim Lake and Goloviţa Lake, is an area of historic, geological and biodiversity interest.
A majestic limestone cliff, that has 29 m in height and about 3 km in length, it is the only rocky cliff from the Romanian seaside.It hosts a large number of water and land birds, silvo-steppe animals (BABADAG forest is just 10 km away), specific plants like Dobrudja olive-tree.

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      RAZIM-SINOIE LAKE COMPLEX- has been formed, over 1000 years ago, by closing with sand strips of Halmiris Cove from Pontus Euxinus (Black Sea). With a surface over 100 000 hectares, is composed from: four large lakes - RAZIM (42 000 hectares), the largest lake in Romania, GOLOVIŢA (12 000 hectares), SINOIE (20 000 hectares), with two connections with Black Sea, 4235ZMEICA (5 500 hectares); small lakes and ponds; swamps with thatched areas; sandy strips (LUPILOR Strip and CHITUC Strip). The lakes are connected with Danube by canals (Dunavăţ, Lipoveni, Dranov, Mustaca) and with Black Sea by PERIBOINA and EDIGHIOL Connections (Sinoie Lake). Until 60's, when it was artificially closed, there was GURA PORTIŢEI Connection (Goloviţa Lake) - nowadays a seaside resort. Razim Lake was used, until beginning of XIX-th century AD, by Turkish vessels (caiuce) on the route Tulcea-Istanbul.
       BISERICUTA, Isle of - a rocky island placed at about 2.5 km southeast of Dolosman Cape. On island, there are a roman castrum ruins; is a place of nesting and passing for many water birds and, a little known thing, there are invertebrate fossils. Because it is a strictly protected area of Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, visiting of the island is forbidden.
      GURA PORTIŢEI- a sand strip between SEA and LAKE (Black Sea and Goloviţa Lake), best known for its tiny charming seaside resort. Forty years ago, here there was a connection between LAKE and SEA, which was artificially closed. There is a meteorological station in here, a Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation Administration cabin and, at about 1 km, a lighthouse.

      PERIBOINA (PERIBOINA MOUTH) - situated between Sinoie Lake and Black Sea is one of the two connections of the lake with the sea. Also, is an important place for fishing.
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